The Importance Of Getting Your Caravan Serviced

Recently I was asked, “Why do I need to service my caravan every year when I only use it for 2 weeks or a few weekends". 

It’s a question I often hear, and the truth is, your pride and joy unfortunately requires gas, electricity, a waterproof membrane, batteries, not to mention the maintenance of the mechanical side of things such as towing infrastructure, brakes, wheels and of course the chassis. 

All of these, if not checked and serviced regularly, can become a major issue or even worse hinder your own personal safety. At Titan we take servicing very seriously and do 78 separate checks of which you get a full and comprehensive report. Our Caravan Services start from as little as £150, and remember we come to you.

If you would like to book a Caravan Servicing appointment, please contact Titan on 07515684846 or email us on

Happy camping.