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Motorhome and Caravan servicing and repair in Hampshire, Sussex, Wiltshire, Dorset and Surrey,

Solar Panel supplied and fitted




This offer actually saves you money, Caravans and Motorhomes are often left not used for months at a time, having a solar panel keeps those battery's charged and in tip top condition.

Left uncharged the cells in a battery, dry and get damaged, and then need to be replaced, having a solar panel will actually save you replacing a battery needlessly.

This is is a deal not to be missed. Solar panels are amazing for wild camping and for keeping your battery in great condition for the winter periods amongst many other benefits.

120 Watt Vechline Solar panel, Supplied and fitted from £329, inc regulator, wiring and roof seals

120 Watt Vechline Solar panel, Supplied and fitted from £394, inc Dual Regulator for charging both your leisure and vehicle battery , wiring and roof seals. 

75 Watt Vechline Solar Panel, Supplied and fitted from £287 inc regulator, wiring and roof seals

Call us on 07515684846 or 02392 614486 and Quote Titan Solar deal or email us at 

All of our Solar panels are bought from reputable British Caravan suppliers

No screws are used in the roof for the  fixing of this product


  • Pmax (W) 120
  • Vmp (V) 18
  • Imp (A) 6.67
  • Isc (A) 7.13
  • Voc (V) 21.06
  • Tolerance +/- 5%
  • Dim. (LxWxD mm) 326 x 660 x 57
  • Weight (Kg) 12.6



Supplied and fitted for limited time at £216.00


This is a genius idea and will change Motorhomers and Caravaners lives.

Meet "Sweepovac" Supplied and fitted by Titan Motorhomes and Caravans Ltd for the price of £216.00.

A hoover that is built into a locker, wardrobe or just about anywhere, where there is 99mm in height 337mm wide and 452mm in depth. This powerful vacuum produces 650 watts of power.

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 Simply sweep your floor, put it in front of the Sweepovac, kick start the hoover and it will suck up everything in front of it. Like I said "GENIUS" or if you want to be more conventional, it comes with a hose with 3 detachable heads that extends from 1.8m to over 5m that clips to the front. It also comes with 3 re-useable dust bags. Power-wise it uses a normal 240volt and will be hard-wired in. 


So get rid of those bulky hoovers we all carry and save more space and weight

This is Special offer and cant last long, so book your Sweepovac now, Supplied and Fitted for £216, and don't forget we come to you free of charge in Hampshire, West Sussex, and parts of Surrey, Wiltshire, Dorset and East Sussex


Neat, Compact and Robust


Meet SWEEPOVAC, your new hoover, built specifically for the Motorhome and Caravan Market.

Sweep the floor, put the dirt, dust or animal hair in front of it. kick the start button and it sucks up everything in front of it

Comes with attachments


If you want to be more conventional, and hoover those hard to get to spots , then no problem as it comes with a 1.8m hose that extends to over 5m with 3 attachments

This is all the space it needs


377mm wide

99mm high

 457mm in depth

Fits in the bottom of wardrobes, under fixed beds, under seating.

In fact anywhere where you have the above space.

It is so easy to empty


Sweepovac comes with 3 reusable bags that have plenty of room. Simply slide it out empty the bag and re-insert as easy as 1-2-3

Stylish and Functional


Alde Coolant change for wet heating



The Alde Heating system

The Alde “wet” heating system fitted to caravans and motorhomes is loved by owners, many saying they would never go back to a “blown air” system.  It operates in the same way as a household central heating system creating hot water for you taps and heat for your radiators.  But importantly, instead of using water to carry the heat around to the “radiators”, Alde uses a specific Anti-Freeze.
There are a number of reasons for this;

  • It protects the heating system from freezing so you don’t need to drain and fill the heating system, (though you must still drain down the hot water system so the boiler is not damaged by the "tap" water freezing).
  • Prevents corrosion of the boiler and pipework so the system remains efficient.
  • Conducts the heat more efficiently. 

At Titan Motorhomes and Caravans the cost to change your fluid/coolant is £180 including  Alde's recommended 5 year product. 

Call 02392 614476 or 07515 684846  or email us at


AntiFreeze Blue or Pink?

As the antifreeze ages it becomes less effective and means that your system could be at risk of permanent and expensive damage.

When first built, most caravan and motorhome manufacturers will fill the system with an antifreeze that will degrade and require changing after two years, this fluid is Blue.

The system can be refilled with fresh Blue anti freeze, but Alde recommend that the original Blue fluid is replaced by a specific Pink antifreeze that lasts for 5 Years.

​Whilst the Blue antifreeze is cheaper than the Pink, the cost of changing the Blue fluid twice in 5 years far outweighs the extra cost of the Pink fluid that is changed once in the same period.​

It's not required to use Alde's own antifreeze, any fluid that meets the "G13" standard can be used.

Incidentally, for topping up purposes, a system filled with Blue antifreeze can be topped up with Blue or Pink fluid, but a system filled with Pink should only be topped up with Pink.


How is Alde AntiFreeze changed?

A special arrangement of pumps, valves and hoses supplied by Alde are used to complete a fluid change.  The system is drained at the boiler, capturing the old antifreeze. 

New antifreeze is then pumped into the system which pushes out any remaining old fluid into a container.  Once all the old fluid is pushed out and new fluid is seen, the valve positions on the Alde tool are changed and the fluid is then circulated around the caravan pipework at high speed to remove any air trapped in the system. 

​After 15 minutes of running, the system may be bled at high points to ensure its air free. 

​After removal of the pump and pipes, the reservoir is topped up and the system run up to check even heat output. 


What can happen If I don't get it changed?

In the worst case scenario, when the inhibitors in the antifreeze become weak, the boiler can corrode to the point where it fails and will no longer work.  This is a super expensive item to replace.  Parts of the system may no longer work (for example 240v heating) You may also find that heat transfer is less effective. .

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Supplied and fitted WIFI from £394

You choose the network

4/5 better signal than your mobile phone

Choice of black or white for aerial/ small and inobtrusive

No need to rely on a camp site connection

different options available

Our latest Achievement


We are pleased to say that Titan Motorhomes and Caravans Ltd, has recently been independently assessed and is now an Approved Workshop  for Motorhomes, Caravans and Trailer Tents



What our Customers say


Communication from John was fantastic and Chris who came and fitted a camera system was very professional. Quality job carried out. Thank you

 Pat Llewellyn Would recommend them . They have been very efficient and helpful.

 Neil Thompson Just good people doing great job 

 Glyn Llewellyn Top company, Fantastic service, very helpful 

 jeffrey thomas
As a newcomer to motor home life, there was a lot of questions and advice I needed from Titan apart from various jobs I had done, well satisfied with all aspects of the work and service

 Nick Ward
We Called Titan for an electrical problem, a chap called Chris turned up in a really smart, clean van and he was smartly dressed.  
He took his time him in ascertaining what our problem was; he was really thorough and in no time at all he had diagnosed the issue, he ordered the part and fixed it within two days. On top of that, he fixed a couple of other little niggles. Highly recommend reasonable prices, great customer service.


Subject: Motor Mover Repair !!

Hi John

Many thanks for your repair to our motor mover, it is now working great!

Chris is a really pleasant guy, and knows what he is doing too, We will have no problem with recommending your company, and hope you go from strength to strength in all you do. 

Also many thanks for getting the green toilet fluid for us, as you didn’t have to go out of your way to do that, it was very much appreciated.

Once again many thanks, and we will be emailing Truma/Power Touch, to thank them, and recommending you too!

Kind Regards

John Davies.


Pebble Financial

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a day ago-
I have just used these guys for the first time.  Highly impressed, did exactly as they promised, on time each time, exactly priced as promised and perfect service.  I will definitely continue to use them and have no hesitation in recommending them.  Well done guys - great service!



 Laura Nicholls recommends Titan Motorhomes and Caravans: "Chris came to service our folding camper today, it was really windy and raining but he took his time and did a very thorough job. He was especially patient with our 7 year-old who wanted to help and he was great letting him pass tools and do up nuts and bolts. Highly recommended!" 


Excellent service, would definitely recommend

About us, Who we are, and what we do?

About Us

Titan was set up by John and Chris. Having been keen motorhome, caravan and fishing enthusiasts for over 20 years it became apparent to both of them that there was a demand in the ever growing leisure market for a Mobile Service Engineer and Installation 

Over the years John has brought his exceptional business skills and determination to various companies whilst always taking the time out to spend time with wife Karen in their beautiful motorhome.  John has always had a keen eye for detail, in both business and their motorhome. This is why he would like to use and share his experience at having a showroom looking leisure vehicle at an affordable price for you. 

Chris originally trained as a Marine Engineer specializing in electrics and electronics. Over the years he went on to train to become a ships Engineering Officer working on some of the largest diesel engines man has ever made. He sat his degree in Engineering and has worked on the worlds most beautiful Super Yachts anchored outside Monaco. Chris has seen and fixed most things that engineering can throw at him. Chris left the superyacht industry having attained the rank of Chief Engineer.

With our combined experience we can assure you that at Titan your pride and joy is in very professional hands whilst getting the family feel

What Titan Can Offer For Your Motorhome

 From a Motorhome point of view we know how frustrating it is to have to take your pride and joy to a garage for a mechanical service, then another for your Habitation check, and then another for your total clean and polish. so that is three profit centers your paying. At Titan we do it all, we come to you, whether it be at your home or storage depot. We can instantly share with you any problems we may encounter, or how we can save you money. 

What Titan Can Offer For Your Caravan

 Unlike a motorhome a caravan has no engine, but there are still mechanical and moving parts, we not only service all of these parts we understand what they do and how they should work. So if we see a hairline crack or the smallest leak then we know there is a potential issue. We come to your home or storage place and do all the work for. Our Habitation checks are in depth and you get a full report 

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